Urjanet Product Roadmap

Mike Pridemore – VP, Product Development, Urjanet

Including presentations from: 

Klaar De Schepper – Director of Data Management, Bright Power
Veronica Thomas – Data Manager, Bright Power
Colby Thames – SVP, Technology, Choice Energy Services

In his presentation, Sanjoy Malik introduced Urjanet’s grand vision: to become the global standard for utility data. In this presentation, Mike Pridemore describes how Urjanet is leveraging its technology to achieve this vision. Mike describes the innovative new products Urjanet is developing and how Urjanet is rapidly expanding globally while continuously improving its core offerings. Colby Thames from Choice Energy Services shares how Urjanet’s new Utility Data Service User Interface has improved utility data management for his firm. Klaar De Schepper and Veronica Thomas from Bright Power share how Urjanet’s new Utility Data Service API has improved data acquisition for their firm.