Architecting the Future of Energy and Sustainability

Jana Schmidt – President & CEO, Ecova

There are a number of forces at work in the energy industry – forces of global energy price fluctuation, regulatory mandates, zero net energy and waste buildings, big data and the internet of things, changing utility business models and evolving customer expectations. These are complicated forces and challenges and in many ways we are at a turning point – the easier changes have been made: companies have gotten smarter about energy consumption, and utilities have had success with energy efficiency programs. These forces at work call for new ways of working. At Ecova we are building our future to help our clients solve these challenges. We have a unique position as a company that can harness the power of unparalleled data and combine it with unique insight into what global leaders are doing. Ecova is inventing a future that will provide our clients with the data, insight and action to drive powerful results.