Energy Management Passes the Point of No Return

Marlene Motyka – U.S. Alternative Energy Leader and Principal, Deloitte

Deloitte, with strategy and market research firm Harrison Group, a YouGov Company, has completed its fifth annual nationwide Resources Study (the “2015 Study” or “Study”) to provide insights that can be useful in helping energy companies and businesses make energy-related investment and business decisions. The study aims to answer questions such as:

  • What actions are US businesses and consumers taking and expecting to take to manage their energy usage?
  • What do they know about the energy marketplace?
  • What motivates them to adopt new practices and invest in new technologies?
  • How mature are their approaches to managing energy efficiency?

The 2015 Study illuminates the changing mindset of businesses and consumers concerning how they think about energy management, what matters to them, and the steps they might take to accomplish their objectives. This year, both groups appear to have adopted the view that reverting to previous behaviors is no longer a favorable option.