How do investors find the rising companies and technologies that have true potential to change the game? Leading investors in real estate, fintech, climate resilience, and more will gather to share how they identify and empower entrepreneurs for long-term success.

With over 25 years of experience working with the world’s largest corporations to set and measure ESG strategy, EY’s Chris Hagler sees sustainability trends evolve every day. Join her as she shares case studies of the latest success stories in circular economy, material impact measurement, climate action, and more.

The Main Session will take a brief break. Complimentary refreshments, including coffee, tea, and light snacks, will be provided.

CEO and entrepreneur Mike Praeger was at a critical turning point for his high-growth fintech company, when he found a new data source to fuel greater customer impact and sustainable growth. Hear his story.

On the path to becoming a next-generation utility data platform, there are several milestones along the way. Urjanet VP of Product Matt Kuo will give a glimpse into these milestones: what’s been done so far, the changes underway, and the monumental shifts to come. Don’t miss the major product update of the year.