What is SPARK 2020?

SPARK 2020 brings industry leaders together in a digital forum to discuss how the digitization of utility data is driving global impact across financial services, energy and sustainability management, AP automation and bill payment. The series of virtual events will include thought-provoking panels, product roadmap previews, and interactive presentations from industry experts.

Why should I attend?

Attendees gain a deeper understanding of the depth and potential that utility data provides across multiple industries and markets, while identifying opportunities for improvement within their own organizations. Attendees hear from key influencers in the field, engage with Urjanet executives, and gain ideas for future innovation.

Who attends?

SPARK 2020 convenes a distinct and influential audience of technology providers, energy and sustainability professionals, financial services leaders, innovators, and investors.

How much does it cost to attend?

SPARK 2020 is free of charge for all invited guests, and we’ll even send you lunch to enjoy during the virtual session.

What is the structure of the event?

SPARK 2020 is no longer limited to Atlanta, GA – we’ve gone virtual! You can find the full agenda for each virtual event listed here.

At a high level, the event includes a keynote presentation from Urjanet CEO and founder Sanjoy Malik, a keynote presentation from a leading industry thought leader, a thought-provoking panel of experts, and a product roadmap session sharing an exclusive preview of what’s next for the Urjanet platform and how it will benefit customers. A digital certificate will be provided to cover lunch delivery for all attendees.

Can I recommend the event to colleagues?

We encourage attendees to share the event with colleagues! All who want to attend the event need to request an official invitation for admission. Colleagues who have not received an invitation from Urjanet can email to request an invitation.

Who can I contact about sponsoring SPARK?

SPARK is currently accepting sponsors! Email for more information.

Do you have a burning question about SPARK 2020? Email us at and we’ll be happy to help.